How much bad can you justify in the name of good?

David Blazen spent fifty years comfortable in his work routine, but now that he's retired, he's desperately searching for one thing: a purpose.He ultimately finds it in the most unlikely of ways by becoming a self-proclaimed detective.Follow "Detective" Blaze as he embarks on an action-packed adventure filled with laugh-out-loud moments, captivating characters, and a climax like nothing you’ve read before.Don’t miss this page-turning excitement as one retiree's quest for meaning forces you to question the concepts of right versus wrong, of hero versus villain, of good versus evil.


"This crime fiction adventure is both heartwarming and inspiring."

"The endearing amateur sleuth, an impressively intricate plotline, and the laugh-out-loud humor in places (what action hero worries about their enlarged prostate?) easily make up for some sequences that stretch the bounds of believability. Also of note is the subtle social commentary."But the real power here is in the relatability of Blaze; we’re all searching for purpose and fulfillment in our lives, and this crime fiction adventure is both heartwarming and inspiring."An action-packed and surprisingly poignant yarn about a man’s search for himself as he enters his golden years."

About the book

David Blazen is lost.

Now that he’s retired, there’s no structure in his life, and the most exciting thing he does is debate what tomatoes to pick in the produce aisle with his partner. For the sake of his sanity and their relationship, he desperately needs something else to do.Play golf? No.Learn to knit? Not a chance.Become a detective? Now there's an idea!Boomsters follows David through a labyrinth of adventure, suspense, and comedy as he gets mixed up in multiple contentious cases less than a week onto the job — including a murder he witnessed that police are calling a suicide.David's investigations quickly lead him to prevent a budding turf war between Chicago's two dirtiest crime lords, keep a corrupt candidate out of the mayor's office, and help bring peace to a city rattled by crime and violence.The problem is, to succeed, he must become a criminal himself.

About the book

A retiree's journey

David Marks never meant to write a book, but with retirement came more free time than he knew what to do with. He used creativity and imagination to thrive in the business world, but retirement was traumatic because while he loved working, he hated not working even more. To pass the time, he began to tap notes into his iPhone about a fictional character facing the same challenges.And just like that, Boomsters was born.Any profits from Boomsters will be donated to non-profit organizations benefiting senior veterans.